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The t.l.c. home, inc. provides a protected residential setting, ongoing evaluation, planning, 24 hour supervision, coordination, and integration for health or rehabilitative services to help our clients function at their greatest abiity.   



 The t.l.c. home, inc. provides a team of skilled professional and paraprofessionals to offer support services in the following areas:  psychological, psychiatric, nutritional, nursing, dental, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, and other specialist as needed.  






t.l.c. home, inc. provides experiences that are relevant, supportive, purposeful and consistent.   Formal plans of care called Habilitation Plans are developed  based on assessed needs and strengths and addresses major life areas essential to increasing the client's growth and independence.  Clients are provided training that can include developing self-help skills, adult daily living skills, increasing communication skills and reinforcing appropriate behaviors.  Individuals are challenged continuously to become independent as possible. Clients receive aggressive and consistent training, treatment, and services by trained staff in accordance with their needs and Habilitation Plans.